National Survey Awards LPJM Solutions, LLC “Best Local Marketing and SEO Agency of 2013” In The Washington DC Region


A recent survey conducted by way of a nationwide business owners’ online webinar series awarded Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions, LLC, Best Local Marketing and SEO Company of 2013, Washington DC Region.

( via – March 28, 2013)  Washington, DC — A nationwide internet marketing business survey awarded, Alexandria, VA based Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions, LLC (LPJM Solutions, LLC), Best Local Internet Marketing and SEO Agency 2013 in the Washington, DC Region.  The award was accepted by the founder Michael J. Larkin, who had a comment challenging the whole internet marketing industry. 

Most were not surprised to find out that LPJM Solutions, LLC won as the business is headed by leading SEO DC strategist Michael J. Larkin. Many know Larkin as the best PR strategic expert mainly because of the speed of results.

Rahsaan Basek, Web UI/UX {JavaScript (jQuery)} Developer said, “Michael Larkin is an enthusiastic person. He is driven to deliver out of the box ideas that can help any company, campaign, and/or product.   He came up with plenty of ideas, while I was marketing a CBS radio show on 106.7FM.”

Patricia Kirk, MD, Podiatrist “Put Your Feet In Good Hands!” stated, “I have known Michael Larkin for about 20 years now. His company is top notch to get your business noticed. When I first called him about advertising, he had some actual U-tube videos uploaded later that day!! Talk about fast! If you want your business noticed, this is the man for you to hire!!”

Cindy Lawyer, Owner, CNC Kitchen Design, LLC claimed, “Michael has shown me profound ways to get my company seen via the internet.  His use of video production takes marketing to an entirely new level. He captured the theme of my work in no time at all and created a professional and entertaining video anyone would want to see.  Any business person, looking for ways to grow their business, should call Michael immediately.”

The award was measured by those businesses with proficiency at leveraging technology.  LPJM Solutions, LLC led the Washington, DC Area, online.  The survey was conducted by a small grouping of national marketing experts in order to be able to conserve a fair competition between various marketing agencies competing for the title.

As soon as the voting ended, the outcome was verified quickly and it became apparent there was one clear winner: LPJM Solutions, LLC. 

Ranking on the top of page one of Google for (local internet marketing alexandria va) access to any business customized reports is offered free here:

Michael J. Larkin is available at LPJM Solutions, LLC on the phone at 571-269-6328.


Media Contact: Michael J. Larkin

Business: Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions, LLC


Address:  1107 Belleview Blvd.  Suite C2 Alexandria, VA  22307


Phone: (571) 269-6328


Web Site:


Google+ Michael Larkin G+

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