Orchid Care

The grocery and box stores have proud displays of blooming orchids up in front from the store for prices which can be as good as, or lower than, cut flowers. This particular double spiked miniature Phal was on sale for Mother’s Day weekend with the food store for $12.95. how to care for orchids

These orchids truly are beautiful but unfortunately will often be destined to be brief. They may be on the market as “pot plants”, supposed to have been enjoyed and after that discarded in the same manner which a Mum or Poinsettia could possibly be.

Pot plant orchids are all about appearance rather than concerning the practical reality of looking after the flower in the lon run. Looking over in the Mother’s Day variety of orchids one wonders solar panel systems them is still alive next year on Mother’s Day.

The jar that particular yellow spotted Phal is planted in doesn’t have any drainage hole. Obviously this is the recipe for disaster. Unfortunately someone is likely to buy this orchid, drown it, then conclude that orchids are finicky plants which are impossible to develop. phalaenopsis orchid care instructions

Pulling guarana out of your closed container we could see that the orchid is within a smaller clear plastic sleeve hiding within bed of more sphagnum moss. Our most crucial is to get this plant away from its outer pot containing no drainage hole. After that we are playing the point that this plant will be top heavy relative to the flimsy clear plastic sleeve that it must be in. Also, from your display perspective, furthermore it will be as pretty as it was in its original ceramic cup.

This little miniature Phalaenopsis is an ideal size to get a 3 inch ceramic orchid pot. But, as the orchid is within bloom we don’t wish to disturb its roots now or the bloom may prematurely fall.

The plastic sleeve it’s in is simply a little too large to suit neatly into our 3 inch ceramic pot. Still, while we are careful we can easily eliminate the plastic sleeve it is in and gently ease the orchid into its new ceramic pot. This system of moving an orchid in one pot to a new with minimal root disturbance, if any, is called ‘drop potting’. how to take care of orchid plants

Now that it must be in a pot with proper drainage, this orchid includes a new lease on life. The drainage will give it time to bloom happily for months. After the bloom is finished we are going to take away the old moss and repot in fresh orchid mix. Well known for Phalaenopsis is Phal Monterey Imperial.

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