10 Awful Blog Routines That You Must Avoid

No blogger is immune from developing bad blogging habits. Actually, it happens the moment you get comfy with the work that you do. So before things get worse, evaluate your blog practices and see if you need to rectify some of them, like the ones listed here – 10 bad blog habits you need to break:

1. Postponement – Bloggers are like journalists, they give out the latest trends and topics, so it’s vital to remain that way. Once you encounter ideas that you want to share through your blog, accomplish it right away! Avoid postponing things because you might lose your chance of featuring the topic ahead of others. And as a result, you might lose your focus in blogging it.

2. Not giving the best in you – Do not push too hard when you write a blog. It is not essay homework and it doesn’t require a minimum number of words to look good. Some blog posts survive with just a sentence and an image. Just go with the your thoughts and do not force yourself to include descriptions and dramatic lines.

3. Not considering reader’s comments – Many readers like to ask questions and leave feedback through the comments section. Show your gratitude by responding to their comments in a timely manner.  If there are no active participation between the blogger and the reader especially when it comes to commentaries, the readers would certainly look for other blogs who can give them full attention and thorough information.    

4. Does not check / proofread accomplished blog posts – Editing or proofreading is a vital practice that has to be considered even on blogs. Otherwise, you are risking embarrassment (and possibly credibility) by publishing an error-filled blog entry.

5. Not ready for the battle – Every human being has different talents and not everyone has the ability to write spontaneously. Even if you are great at it, it’s still a good idea to have some sort of outline for your blog entry. Relying too much on your spontaneity can result to a sub-par article composed of scattered thoughts.

6. Using sticky keys – Utilizing different kinds of fonts in one sentence will definitely not attract readers. Even pre-school children are not using those, so better drop the idea.  

7. Having a negative attitude – A blog is indeed a very tempting tool to use in order to release the feelings that you have been keeping inside of you. However, angry outburst can only bring out the worst in you. It can even be so contagious that your readers will carry in their hearts the negativity on your article.

8. Indulging in distractions – You don’t have to check your email and Facebook updates every minute. And do not mind your stats! Distracting websites can affect your blogging productivity. If you really must, limit the time you spend on them.

9. Singing your own praises – Everybody is aware that it is your personal blog, but once they read things about you and only you, then they will start to get bored. Entice your readers by having guests that would surely create interest and fun on your account. It doesn’t have to be all about you.

10. Focusing more on social media – Social media is an integral part of blogging, but too much of it can be bad. Some bloggers spend way more time updating their social media profiles they forget to update their blog.

You don’t have to wait for the New Year to start making changes. These habits can be trivial but they can be detrimental to a blog in the long run. 

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