5 Tips In Building Your Name As An Authority Blogger

Fact: a blog is simply a place online where anyone could get information. Bloggers are as real as they can get – writing articles infused with their own opinions based on personal experience or taste. If the late Peter Jennings had his own blog site then it wouldn’t be a type of newscast.

Remember that blogs can’t be compared with popular sites such as Wikipedia, however, there are blog sites that are considered well-liked that these bloggers are much considered as authorities in blogging. Hence, these are termed as the ‘authority’ and dominant blogs. These blog sites are well know that online readers ‘flock’ these sites to gather relevant and accurate information. Authority bloggers will surely entice you to be just like them. Consequently to do that, it is a must for you to learn as an authority in blogging. Here now are the 5 tips on how you can be considered as an authority blogger.

1. Be the talker – Remember the intellectual impact your college professor created the first time you sat on his class? If you want to be recognized as a niche expert, you have to talk like one . That’s all that is needed to be considered as an expert in blogging. Granted, your last name is not “-Pedia” (Wiki Pedia, get it?), you are allowed to learn new things as you blog. If readers throw you a difficult question, simply do your own research or straight out tell the reader that it’s an area you are still exploring.

2. Be part of the blogging community – Bloggers unite (well, you know what I mean)! Bloggers of all sorts have their own blogging society. Typically, bloggers ‘flock’ according to the type of niche they have. It’s important to get to know other bloggers, authority ones or not, because these people help each other out. You can mention each other in blog entries, exchange links and do guest posts to create a more visible authority.

3. Be an innovator – Being an old timer in blogging does not mean your blog is already well known. Meaning, you can also be on the ‘hot seat’ if you have some blogging issues. A lot of people have reached the summit of Mt. Everest and some have not but still people climb it’s peak. So what if the first summit record is taken? These climbers go after the other world records the mountain still offer, such as being the first to climb it using a pogo stick – without supplemental oxygen – things like that! For your blog, develop an idea that would put you on the map, so to speak. To make this happen, again, be unique and avoid being a ‘copycat’.

4. Make things simple – Would you want to ‘run out of the bush’ and have your readers hanging questions in their mind wouldn’t youWould you want to talk about the mundane while your readers would be left with questions in their minds? Just because you’re an authority blogger doesn’t mean you should only be writing about extraordinary stuff. Some, would want simple ideas and tips that are applicable every day. Even if these ideas or tips are just simple; you can create your own expert advice on how to convey your message to readers. Who knows, your unique advice regarding parenting can be a huge hit amongst moms!

5. Bring it – Mediocrity has no place in authority blogs. What’s the plan? Bring it on!Dominant blogs can be easily toppled down once an excellent newbie blogger comes in. Hence, it is on your part to maintain or surpass your previous achievements in blogging to avoid failure in the end. Aim for the best to be the authority in blogging.

Don’t just pretend that you’re an authority in blogging while it’s really not the case my friend. It’s all about being ahead to be on top of the competition and be a ‘leader of the pack’ in the world of blogging.

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