SEO DC Award Winning Agency Helping Businesses Online For Free

ImageWashington, DC SEO Award Winning Agency Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions, LLC (LPJM Solutions), offers a free educational service for all businesses, big and small internationally for discovering the current visibility of their business is online compared to their competitors.

( via – April 14, 2013)  Washington, DC — Alexandria, VA based Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions, LLC, awarded “Best Local Internet Marketing and SEO Agency 2013 in the Washington, DC Region,” has been busy offering a free educational service to businesses internationally.  

Founder, Michael Larkin stated, “We partnered up with the Local Internet Marketing Association (LIMA) last year.  The association consists, truly of the top professionals in this ‘Wild West’ type of industry that has created misinformation and broken promises that has resulted a high level of distrust from the businesses that need our services the most.  We are educators first.  Read more about the award announcement is here.

Mark Zangari, Founder and Owner at Dollar Wise Cartridge stated, “I recently was introduced to Michael through a Linked-In group of Marist College Alumni. Michael had asked if I would allow him to analyze my web site and make recommendations for improvement if needed – no strings attached. O.K., so we’ve all heard that before…right? His no-obligation, no cost advice improved my online presence significantly. We communicated back and forth many times with him never asking me to consider the services he offered. I actually had to go to his website to see the awesome value he provides. I highly recommend that anyone in business that is serious in improving their online presence get in touch with Michael at Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions.”

Mr. Senan Gorman, Chief Howler at Get Out Technologies was quoted “Mike Larkin and I go a long way back and I know Mike to be meticulous about his work. He is intimately all OVER the details that other SE ranking specialists wish they had their hands on! His company can help your business reach the top of Google (etc) ranking in quick time and keep you there. “

Here is how this free system works.  Enter the main business phone number.  Provided this business has claimed their free Google Places and Google + websites, a full report will be revealed in seconds:
Media Contact: Michael J. Larkin
Business: Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions, LLC
Address:  1107 Belleview Blvd.  Suite C2 Alexandria, VA  22307
Phone: (571) 269-6328
Web Site:
Author: Michael Larkin
Google+ Michael Larkin G+


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