Hyaluronic Acid

We laugh, cry, get angry, surprised . In order to avoid wrinkles, don’t do any of these. Impossible? Well, naturally. Hyaluron will help you to keep young-looking skin and save your beauty.

Hyaluron is a natural substance that is found in the skin, and has multifunctional purpose  – from maintaining muscle tone with the hydration of your skin, along with “capture” extremely damaging free radicals. You will find it inside the face creams however these amounts aremeaningless with regards to the application straight into the skin.

During the process hyaluron is entered as gel and then distributes natural and physiologically in your skin, providing maximum nutrition and hydration . Hyaluron, additionally, stimulates the formation of new collagen,nourishes from inside, giving us the perfect result that lasts around 8 months.

Who needs this treatment? Hyaluron is irreplaceable in the world of esthetics for the two customer groups. The first group who don’t want or can’t afford plastic cosmetic surgery, along with the other group are people who, even with cosmetic surgery, want maximum esthetic results. Contour plastic is rightly regarded as the safest and mosteffective method of fighting wrinkles, restoring the oval face, the size and shape of the lips.

Hyaluronic acid treatment implemented in ​​the face, neck,  decolletage and hands. In fact, it is done in all of the areas which are inclined to wrinkles. With hyaluron is also possible to neutralize scars or increase lip  fullness . If you don’t want to  enhance lips with implants, hyaluron could be the right solution . It’s completely absorbed because body already contains it.

How procedure looks? The treatment is simple and convenient for client, requires no special preparation or a changing of normal every day rhythm. On skin is applied anesthetic cream and the treatment lasts no more than 30 minutes. After treatment is visible insignificant redness, which  disappears within a couple of hours.The result after the procedure is immediately visible .

Because hyaluron completely absorbed the treatment should repeat at 8 to 12 months.Tip is usually to start with the use of hyaluron as occur apparent wrinkles. In most cases about thirty years old. In case you fill wrinkles when you have less of them, they will not be deep and each time you’ll add less hyaluron .

Hyaluronis really a natural part of the epidermis, safe and isn’t toxic. If you want to keep a youthful look or refresh do it, you’ll like it for sure.



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