Finally! The Difference Between Business Reputation Monitoring or Reputation Management Vs Reputation Marketing

The big announcement came from local internet marketing expert, Michael J. Larkin, headquartered in Washington, DC suburb Alexandria, VA. “The days of the internet marking amateur businesses are numbered. Gone are the days where businesses fund these cottage industries called Reputation Monitoring and Reputation Management. Today, LPJM Solutions, LLC introduces to the business world, Reputation Marketing!”


 ( – July 24, 2013)  Washington, DC – It seems that the words of war were declared by founder of a National Survey Award Winner LPJM Solutions, LLC “Best Local Marketing and SEO Agency of 2013” In The Washington DC Region, founder Michael J. Larkin.  (Read More Here) 

“The difference between Business Reputation Management or even worse Business Reputation Monitoring is that these two cottage industries are born out of the real need that the economy is demanding, but has been avoided by many businesses, until now, Business Reputation Marketing.  You see, Reputation Management is not a kid being paid $12 an hour in the basement of his grandmother’s house.  Or is it?  Meanwhile, their “boss” or “bosses” get paid for having the kid add a post or two to a social media website like Twitter or Facebook, and show the client their monthly Google Analytics code report.  All the while keeping how much of their ROI?  It’s ok I guess as the biggest business in the world, the United States of America, wastes tons of money, right?”  he began to walk away kidding (we think).

Larkin continued to declare, “Businesses with their brand reputation futures are literally in the balance, not to mention countless hard working family business’ brand reputation that rely on the support of their customers now more than ever before, cannot afford being lied to anymore, mostly because they are simply not growing, and it doesn’t need to be that way.” 

Larkin was asked how does he defines reputation marketing.  Grinning widely, from ear to ear he finished by saying, “Reputation marketing is when you have a system that will scrap the entire internet and gather any company’s reviews.  That’s important because Google just added back the 5 stars to their reviews.  Anyway, this system has the ability to filter 4 and 5 star reviews.  This system can even post these 4 and 5 star reviews to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and more.”

For a free report on your company’s reputation in minute and sometimes less, click here.

Michael J. Larkin is available at LPJM Solutions, LLC on the phone at (571) 269-6328.


Media Contact:  Michael J. Larkin

Phone:  (571) 269-6328

Company:  Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions, LLC

Address:  1107 Belleview Blvd.  Suite C2

HQ:  Alexandria, VA


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