Could All Our, Closed Government, U.S. Congressional Leaders Use Reputation Management As Badly As Businesses?


On Sunday, October 13, 2013 on NBC’s Meet the Press, Former Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta was interviewed and made statements to the effect that the U.S. future ability to govern as well as this U.S. Governments Reputation around the World is being effected in a negative way.  “Members swear an oath, to serve and protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  What they are doing is weakening America and sending a message to the world that the United States of America can’t govern. An award winning company in Alexandria, VA specializing in Reputation Management and Marketing begs the questions.  


( via – October 14, 2013)  Washington, DC — A nationwide award winning internet marketing service business,  Alexandria, VA based Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions, LLC (LPJM Solutions, LLC)founder Michael J. Larkin, commented on his reactions after Sunday’s Meet the Press, on NBC, Former Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta interview“With our government, closed to world, do the people of other democracies really think the U.S. can’t even govern itself?  Business in general has in the past been able to continue doing business as usual, which is now not good enough with the advent of Reputation Management technology, for those choosing to ignore it.  To stay in business, the U.S. Government, as well as business leaders had better begin taking a deep look at their reputations in general.” Larkin is an, Author, Public Speaker, Founder, President & CEO of Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions, LLC that specializes in both reputation management as well as marketing.

At a time when the reputation management technology has been optimized, tricky SEO tactics and strategies will soon become out of touch as the real reviews that people post online will be actually earned and not faked in any way, shape or form.  Those that practice this type of business will be punished in the same ways as the 19 New York companies fined $350,000.  USA Today reported, “Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said 19 firms collectively agreed to pay more than $350,000 in fines and stop posting fake reviews after being snared for violating New York laws against false advertising and deceptive business practices.”

Larkin stated, “For companies that do not have a full time reputation management or marketing system in place, LPJM Solutions, LLC has our patient pending proprietary system with a FREE limited time only customized Reputation Report that otherwise has a $197 value.  Nobody but our folks at LPJM Solutions, LLC ever sees this information, we hate spam and have never and will never offer for sale or otherwise any information we gather to anyone.”

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